& Gender Research in Europe

AOIFE, the Association of Institutions for Feminist Education and Research in Europe, was founded in 1996 and brings together 86 universities and other organisations dedicated to Women’s Studies and Gender Research. AOIFE member institutions represent 27 countries in Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern Europe.

APRIL 2007

Association of Institutions for Feminist Education and Research in Europe



Under the umbrella of AOIFE applications for research funding from the European Commission have been submitted.

The tangible results have been a series of successful research projects and research training projects that are supported by the EC under the Framework Programmes.



EWSI: Employment and Women’s Studies: The Impact of Women’s Studies training on women’s employment in Europe (FP5 2001-2003) www.hull.ac.uk/ewsi


ResearchIntegration: Changing Knowledge and disciplinary boundaries through integrative research methods in the Social Sciences and Humanities (FP6 2004-2007) www.york.ac.uk/res/researchintegration/


GenderGraduates: Marie Curie fellowships for Early Stage Training in Gender and Women’s Studies in Europe (FP6 2005-2009) www.gendergraduates.org


GEMMA: The first Erasmus Mundus Master’s Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe (2007-2009) www.ugr.es/~gemma


FEMCIT: Gendered Citizenship in Multicultural Europe: The Impact of Contemporary Women’s Movements (FP6 2007-2010) www.femcit.org


AOIFE is currently preparing proposals for the 7th Framework Programme in thematic oriented research as well as Marie Curie actions.


AOIFE has organised the triennial European Feminist Research Conferences (Bologna 2000, Lund, 2003, Lodz 2006), providing a forum for exchange and appraisal of research in the area of gender research.

The 7th conference will take place in 2009, hosted by the Graduate Gender Programme, Utrecht University, the Netherlands.


In the field of education, ATHENA, the Advanced Thematic Network in European Women’s Studies is AOIFE’s main activity.


ATHENA is vital in forging links between teaching, research, and civil society and public institutions in the interdisciplinary field of Women’s Studies and gender research. After three successive rounds of EC funding, ATHENA is now in its 3rd and final phase, called ATHENA3 (2006-2009). ATHENA3 thematically focuses on ‘Gender, Culture and European Diversity’ and ‘Women, Access and European Citizenship’, consolidating expertise in the areas of curriculum development, research on education, and equal opportunities.


Building on the strong partnership that has been created in the last ten years, AOIFE is working in cooperation with ATHENA towards a permanent professional organisation for Gender Studies in Europe, planned to be operational in 2009.

This organisation will be coherent with the ambitions of AOIFE to enhance the opportunities for cooperation and networking in gender research and education on a truly European scale, as expressed in the two previous AOIFE applications for a Network of Excellence (FP5 ‘GENDEReQUALITY’ and FP6 ‘GenderCitizens’).


Policy shaping


AOIFE and its members address policy issues in the field of Women’s Studies and gender research in European research programmes, both regarding the promotion of Women’s Studies and the integration of a gender dimension in research.



Conference “Women and science: Making change happen”, organised by the Women and Science Unit of DG Research (Brussels, April 2000). AOIFE representatives profiled the importance of Women’s Studies and Gender Research in the debate on strengthening the role of women in the academy.


Gender and Research”, organised by DG Research (Brussels, November 2001). AOIFE council members discussed the gender impact assessment of the FP5 programme ‘Improving human research potential and the socio-economic knowledge-base’ and presented a paper on ‘Researching gender and science’.


Seminar “Gender research: Strengthening scientific excellence in European research” (Brussels, January 2005), organised by the Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research, the Nordic Institute for Women’s Studies and Gender Research (both AOIFE members) and the Swedish EU-R&D Council. The seminar focussed on the importance of gender research for the 7th framework programme.



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