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The 6-member AOIFE Council serves as the association's executive body entrusted with making important decisions and implementing AOIFE's programme according to the Statutes.

Council members are elected for three-year terms at the General Assembly

Council Members (Term September 2006-September 2009)

Council President: Kirsi Saarikangas
University of Helsinki, Finland
Vice President: Adelina Sanchez Espinosa
University of Granada, Spain
Nicky LeFeuvre
University of Toulouse Le Mirail, France

Ulla Holm
Göteborg University, Sweden

Rosemarie Buikema
Utrecht University, the Netherlands

Sandra Prlenda
Centre for Women's Studies, Zagreb, Croatia
Prof. Marcella Corsi
ASDO - Assembly of Women for Development and the Fight against Social Exclusion, Italy

Kristin Astgeirsdottir
University of Iceland, Iceland

Regional Responsibilities

In addition to their other tasks, each Council member has Regional Responsibilities, which entail representing and promoting AOIFE within their assigned regions within and bordering Europe. The Council members aim to do the following in their respective regions:

  1. Spread information about AOIFE and AOIFE-related activities and projects
  2. Recruit members to AOIFE
  3. Establish ties to people and institutions/organisations from the Women's Studies communities within these regions
  4. Keep informed on Women's Studies events, issues, and status in these regions and relay this information to their fellow Council members and the Secretariat.

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