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AOIFE General Assembly

Every third year the AOIFE Council is up for elections. The elections of the AOIFE council take place at the General assembly. Besides electing the AOIFE Council the general assembly will approve budgets and accounts of AOIFE and will have the opportunity to make amendments to the statutes.

At the 2006 General Assembly in Lodz, Poland, the current AOIFE Council was elected into office.

The Council, Secretariat, contact persons, and others employed by/affiliated with AOIFE members are welcome to attend the General Assembly. They are held every three years and if possible, in conjunction with European feminist research conferences. This forum provides AOIFE members and contact persons with the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, and make decisions impacting the association and the activities and responsibilities it takes on.

The last General Assembly was held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, on 4 June 2009, the opening day of the 7th European Feminist Research Conference.

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