Minutes AOIFE General assembly

28 September 2000

 15:00 Meeting starts

Point 1/00 Opening of meeting

The General Assembly was opened by the meeting chair Ulla Wischermann

Point 2/00 Approval of agenda

The agenda was aproved

Point 3/00 Amendments to the standing orders and the statutes

The President of AOIFE Harriet Silius presentet the changes to the standing orders and the statutes. These consiste of changes to the electionprocedures for council, which needed to be simplyfied. And chances due to inconsistencies in the timetable between the standing orders and the statutes. The chanches were approved (the new standing orders and statutes are attached this minutes)

Point 4/00 Update on AOIFE activities and future planes

President of AOIFE Harriet Silius and Vice President Rosi Braidotti gave a short update on the AOIFE and ATHENA projects. AOIFE is currently involved in three EU research proposals, and the research network ATHENA. The last three years of AOIFE has been devoted to build up and consolidate a network of researchers accross Europe. We now have a more or less stable number of members in the AOIFE network, a well functioning administrative structure and chanels of communication.

AOIFE will in the future try to strengthen its role also as a political platform as well as a research networking forum.

Point 5/00 Approval of the move of the AOIFE secretariat

President of AOIFE Harriet Silius announced that Linkoping University would like to take over the task of running the AOIFE secretariat as the contract with NIKK runs out at the end of this year. The Swedish Ph.D. students from Linkoping welcomed the secretariat and announced that they were looking forward to working closer with AOIFE.

The General Assembly approved to move the secretariat to Linkoping in Sweden.

Point 6/00 Presentation of council nominees

Nine candidates were presented as candidates for the next three year periode for the AOIFE council. The candidates were all elected to the AOIFE council. The new AOIFE council is represented by (in alphabetical order)

Rosi Braidotti
Gabriele Griffin
Jalna Hanmer
Anastasia Lada
Nina Lykke
Magda Michelens
Elzbieta Olesky
Serena Sapegno
Harriet Silius

The new council announced that they would work for a more open AOIFE and to stresss the inclusiveness. It is important that a lage veraity of feminists are participating in our work, and that we actively seek diversity. One other thing to stress is transperancy. The new council will be working on getting a more open procedures.

Point 7/00 Determination of the membership fees

The AOIFE council proposed that the membership fees should stay the same for the next three year periode of AOIFE. AOIFEs only income are the membership fees, and one should therefor be awere the sensibility AOIFE has towards fx. a suddan drop in the number of AOIFE members.

Point 8/00 Approval of the annual accounts

There were a short discussion on how the council would assure a stable economy for AOIFE. For the last years the number of AOIFE members has been quite stable and as long as we are able to hold a steady no. of AOIFE members, AOIFE will have a stable economy. AOIFE still has a recerve of … EURO.

It was discussed wether it would have been a good idea to discuss a futur budget for AOIFE and this should be rememered for the next General Assembly.

Point 9/00 Closing of the General Assembly

The General Assembly was closed by saying thank you to the old council members for there three years involvement in the AOIFE council. And thanks to Ulla Wischermann for chairing the General Assembly.

Meeting closing 16.00

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