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The Association of Institutions for Feminist Education and Research in Europe was founded in December 1996 at an European women's conference at the University of Limerick, Ireland.

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Leading up to the launching of the association were a sequence of meetings and reports which signified the growing need for a legal, institutional structure from which to advance Women's Studies in Europe. The key persons involved in establishing AOIFE took heed to the EU DG XXII (Education and Training) Commission's advice for the European Women's Studies community to organise themselves into associations, fulfilling the duel purpose of providing a legal platform from which to seek EU project funding, as well as unify and represent the thematic area.

A time-line of important events/outcomes in AOIFE's herstory:

June 1995

Women's Studies in Europe: Evaluation, Cooperation and New Perspectives Conference. Coimbra, Portugal.

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May 1996

Steering Committee meeting.Utrecht, Netherlands

December 1996

Limerick Conference. Limerick, Ireland. Over 100 Women's Studies representative from institutions of higher education throughout Europe met to form a European Association for Women's Studies (AOIFE is created!)

July 1997

First General Assembly. Coimbra, Portugal.
Approximately 100 representatives from AOIFE member institutions attended and many important decisions made, such as:

January 1998

ATHENA working group meetings in Granada, Spain.

June 1998

AOIFE Council meeting and ATHENA working group meeting in Lund, Sweden. Next GENDERation Network founded.

October 1998

ATHENA approved as an offical SOCRATES network by the EU DG XII's SOCRATES Programme.

November 1998

AOIFE Council meeting and ATHENA working group meeting in Brussels, Belgium.
Next GENDERation Network approved as section of AOIFE in Brussels, Belgium.

March 1999

ATHENA working group meeting in Noordwijk, Netherlands.

June 1999

[during Women's Worlds Congress in Tromsø, Norway]

AOIFE Council meeting
ATHENA working group meetings
AOIFE Worskhop on European Research funding (part of Congress programme)
ATHENA Workshop on ITC (part of Congress programme)
AOIFE Poster and Information stand (part of Congress programme)
Next GENDERation Network minilecture and workshop (part of Congress programme)

September 2000

AOIFE General Assembly in Bologna, Italy
Fourth European Feminist Research Conference

January 2001

Secretariat moves to Linkoping university (Department of Gender Studies) in Sweden

March 2001

AOIFE Council meeting and ATHENA working group meeting in Florence, Italy

June 2001

AOIFE Secretariat was officially opened by the Rector of Linkoping university on June 15 in Linkoping, Sweden
AOIFE working meeting on Gender and Research financing, June 15-17, in Linkoping, Sweden
AOIFE Council meeting on June 17 at Dept of Gender Studies, Linkoping university, Sweden

October 2001

AOIFE Council meeting and ATHENA working group meeting in Madrid, Spain

November 2001

AOIFE represented at Gender and Research conference organised by the EU-commission in Brussels, November 8-9.
Rosi Braidotti invited speaker at the session Researching gender and science and Nina Lykke at the session Human potential: socio-economic aspects

January 2002

EU-proposal for a Thematic Network "Gender and Diversity: Towards a European Feminist Research Institute" was sent to Brussels, Third Call of EU's 5th Framework Programme for Research

AOIFE represented at working meeting Networking the Networks, arranged by the Women and Science Unit of DG Research of the EU-commission

June 2002

Expression of Interest for a network of excellence under EU's 6th Framework Programme was sent to Brussels. The title of the EOI is "Gender and Diversity: Towards a Europan Feminist Research Institute".

October 2002

AOIFE Council meeting and workshop "Integration of Gender Research in EU's 6th framework programme for research" in Antwerp, Belgium

November 2002

AOIFE Council meeting and ATHENA working group meeting in Portoros, Slovenia

February 2003

AOIFE Task Force Meeting in Brussels. Preparation of application "Networks of Excellence" to EU's 6th Framework Programme

March 2003

"Gender, Societal Trends and Quality of Life: Integrating Feminist Research" sent to Brussels as prepoposal for Networks of Excellence. Full proposal to be sent in by April 15, 2003.

April 2003

Nomination forms for candidates to AOIFE Council to be received by AOIFE-secretariat before 15 April. Election of new council members to be held at AOIFE General Assembly in Lund, Sweden on August 20, 2003.

The NoE-application "GENDEReQUALITY" delivered in Brussels.

August 2003

[During the fifth European Feminist Research Conference in Lund, Sweden August 20-24]

AOIFE Council meeting in Lund, Sweden, August 18.
The third AOIFE General Assembly was held in Lund, Sweden, August 20
AOIFE Council meeting in Lund, Sweden, August 22.

October 2003

AOIFE Council meeting in Brussels, Belgium, October 10-11.


May 2004

          AOIFE Council meeting in Helsinki, Finland, May 26-27


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