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Since AOIFE has been dissolved, membership applications are not possible anymore.

There are two types of membership in AOIFE:

  1. Institutional membership is reserved for institutions of higher and further education and research, as well as documentation and resource centers. The annual membership fee for institutional members is 500 Euro.
  2. Associate membership is for networks and national, regional, professional and European associations and coordinating bodies. The annual membership fee for associate members is 250 Euro.

Membership requirements:

Membership is confirmed by the Secretariat once the application has been approved by the AOIFE Council and proof of payment of the annual membership fee is attained. Any questions regarding membership in AOIFE should be directed to the AOIFE Secretariat.


AOIFE has 81 members, of which 90% are institutional and the rest are associate members. Our members and contact persons represent 28 European countries. The majority of AOIFE members is registered as ATHENA partners. AOIFE has ca. 150 contact persons in our member institutions.

List of AOIFE members

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