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ATGENDER, the new professional association

AOIFE, ATHENA, and WISE have collaborated to set up a new professional association for Women's Studies in Europe.
At the annual ATHENA meeting in Budapest, on 2 June 2007, representatives of the three organisations (Kirsi Saarikangas, president of AOIFE; Berteke Waaldijk, scientific coordinator of ATHENA3; and Barbara Bagilhole, board member of WISE) signed a Declaration of Intent, stating the intent to form a professional European Association of Women's and Gender Studies, feminist research, gender equality, and diversity. This permanent structure will represent the interests of this field of knowledge at European level.


In close contact with the AOIFE Council, the ATHENA III Task Force, and the WISE Board, a Founding Committee further worked out the plans for the new association, building on structures and networks already in place. Plans for the association include the organisation of conferences, providing a newsletter, access to a mailing list, and the promotion of academic journals.

On 26 January 2008, the founding committee of the new professional association had a meeting in Utrecht and selected a name for the new association: ATGENDER.


The ATGENDER founding committee members who were present in Utrecht: (from right to left): Berteke Waaldijk, Kirsi Saarikangas, Barbara Bagilhole. And Mischa Peters (ATHENA project manager) and Jeannette van der Sanden (AOIFE managing director) provide administrative support to the committee members. Not present at the meeting were Nina Lykke and Nicky Le Feuvre. Two student members from WeAVE also joined the Committee: Miia Liinason and Daniela Gronold.

Vote about AOIFE

AOIFE is convinced that ATGENDER will provide a sustainable association to represent the interests of the field of feminist education and research in Europe and that the existence of AOIFE will have no added value once ATGENDER has been founded. The AOIFE Council has therefore proposed that AOIFE will be dissolved when ATGENDER is formally founded and recommends that all AOIFE members support ATGENDER.
More than three-quarters of the insitutional members have cast their vote and have agreed to the proposed resolutions. This means that when ATGENDER is formally founded, AOIFE will be liquidated.

The official foundation of ATGENDER

ATGENDER has officially been founded on 30 September 2009. Under the presidency of Harriet Silius from Abo Akademi University (Finland) and Iris van der Tuin from Utrecht University (The Netherlands), the Board of ATGENDER has started working. ATGENDER aims to strengthen the field of Women's Studies, Gender Studies, feminist research, women's rights, gender equality and diversity; to make a difference on policymaking on research and education; and to foster exchange between the academic community and civil society.
AOIFE members will have received the first ATGENDER newsletters. In case you have not received the newsletters, please register for the ATGENDER newsletter by sending an e-mail to:
ATGENDER will send out information on how to become an official member as soon as possible. ATGENDER has both individual and institutional membership; reduced fees will be possible as well.
The first General Assembly of ATGENDER and the first conference 'Beyond European Gender Studies - Transversal Connections' takes place on 19 February 2010 in Brussels. This event is preceded by the Tuning Validation Conference and ATHENA3 dissemination on 18 February 2010.

More information can be found at the website of ATGENDER.

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