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Meeting in Calabria

AOIFE/ATHENA was joined for a three day meeting in Calabria in Italy in the beginning of May this year. The meeting was very fruitful in many respects. The planing of the AOIFE general assembly, the final discussions on the 4th European Feminist Research Conference, the planning of several research project proposals, Next GENDERation meetings and the planing of the last year of the thematic network ATHENA.

The Calabria meeting also hosted a very interesting session on Women's Studies and Women around the Mediterranean Sea. The panel participants represented Women's Studies from Algeria, Tunisia, Maroco, Lebanon and Egypt. They presented the different situations for women and Women's Studies in their countries, the similarities and differences between them and between the Maghreb region an Europe. This was the first time that representatives from the Maghreb region came together with the AOIFE network. The need for collaboration and mutual responsibility and openness towards each other were underlined. All the participants of the panel are invited to join the AOIFE network.

The following things were also discussed and agreed up on during the three day meeting.

AOIFE General Assembly

The AOIFE General Assembly 2000 will take place September 28, 2000 in Bologna at the 4th European Feminist Research Conference.

At the General Assembly the election of the AOIFE council for the next three year period will take place. The AOIFE council consists of 9 members and 2 to 9 deputy members. The following current council members are standing for re-election: Nina Lykke (Sweden), Rosi Braidotti (Netherlands), Gabriele Griffin (UK),Harriet Silius (Finland), and as replacement member: Jalna Hamner (UK).

As the statutes for AOIFE state that the Council should have a regional balance we are in particularly seeking candidates from France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Norway or Denmark and form Central and Eastern European countries. However candidates from all countries are welcome.

At the General assembly we will also discuss amendments to the AOIFE statutes and standing orders.

For more information on the general assembly and/or the elections for the AOIFE Council please contact:

Body, gender, subjectivity - crossing borders of disciplines and institutions

The 4th European Feminist Research Conference is coming into shape. The conference will take place between September 28 and October 1, 2000 in Bologna. The key speakers are leading discussions on the different themes presented the conference. Gender: Joan Scott (Princeton, USA) and Svetlana Slapsak (University of Ljubliana, Slovenia) respondents: Karin Widerberg (University of Oslo, Norway) and Serena Sapegno (University di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy). Body: Rosi Braidotti (University of Utrecht, Netherlands), Donna Haraway (University of California at Santa Cruz, USA) respondents: Soundlab Culturalalchemy (New York, USA) and Jackie Stacey (University of Lancaster, UK). Subjectivity: Luisa Passerini (European University Institute, Italy) and Nira Yuval Davis (University of Greenwich) respondent: Rutrivica Andrijasevic (University of Uthrecht, The Netherlands).

The deadline for registration to the conference is August 1. For further information contact:

Research projects

Four research projects proposals are currently in the making within the AOIFE context. The projects are as follows.

"Women’s studies and the Labour Market" under the subprogram "Improving the Human Potential and the Socio Economic Knowledgebase". The project is concerned with the relationship between Women’s Studies and the labour market. Student mobility is also a part of the study. There are 11 members in the research consortium with a good international distribution. The proposal will be submitted to the EU by early June. The project is co-ordinated by Jalna Hamner and Gabriele Griffin

"Biotechnologies" under the subprogram "Quality of Life". The aim is to make a cross-European comparative study of the ways in which the media and the public debate on reprogenetics renegotiate gender, ethnicity, age kinship, sexuality, reproduction, biology, techno-bodies and cyborgs. The deadline for application to the EU is October 2000. The project is still looking for more partners. For more information contact project co-ordinator Prof. Nina Lykke:

The two other research proposals within the AOIFE framework are also advancing. "Women and Science" under the subprogram "Improving the Human Potential and the Socio Economic Knowledgebase "co-ordinated by Margo Brouns and Rosi Braidotti "Women in ICT" under the subprogram "User friendly Information Society" co-ordinated by Magda Michielsens. These two programs still need further elaboration

Transatlantic network

The application for the Transatlantic project has been submitted to the European Union’s Directorate General XXII "Joint EU/US Consortia for Co-operation in Higher Education and Vocational and Educational training" programme early April 2000. The European consortium consists of the University of Utrecht (NL), Kingston University (UK) and Linköping University (SE). The American consortium consists of Michigan University, Maryland University and Arizona University. The project will focus on setting up Transatlantic Women’s Studies exchange programmes and developing curriculum materials which will address the interconnections between race, gender, ethnicity and national location.

Next GENDERation Network

The Next GENDERation Network has been an official section of AOIFE since November 1998. The Network is intended to provide a structure for younger students, scholars and professionals involved in Women’s Studies and feminism in Europe. The network gives the younger generation a chance to participate in existing European projects and activities in the field of Women’s Studies, and build new projects and activities in the field.

The Next GENDERation Network will also take an active role at the 4th European Feminist Research Conference were in collaboration with the Italian 30something Forum they will host an untraditional session on current research areas and opportunities for younger women. The session includes a performance titled ‘Performing body, gender, subjectivity: Visions and voices of the Next GENDERation’. A call for creative combinations of pictures, poems, personal analyses and theoretical texts is out now. The deadline is July 1. For more information please contact:, or visit the web page:

Last year for ATHENA

The academic year 2000-2001 will be the last year of the thematic network ATHENA. The expectations for the productions of this year are great. The ATHENA activities are concentrated on two themes: "European Curriculum Development" and "The Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Women’s Studies Teaching". Participants within ATHENA expect finish the three year period by publishing two books, a database of existing women studies literature, a guide to teaching women studies with the help of ICT, among other things.

Discussions are already taking place concerning the continuation of ATHENA II as experience has shown that this kind of network is very fruitful for women’s studies environment in Europe.

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