NEWS from AOIFE 2/2001

By January 1, 2001 the secretariat of AOIFE (Association of Institutions for Feminist Education and Research in Europe) moved from NIKK to its new home, Department of Gender Studies, Linkoeping University, Sweden. The move of the secretariat happened in a phase, where an expansion of activities is on the agenda of AOIFE. Since the beginning of AOIFE in 1997, the main activity of the organisation has been the network ATHENA. By now ATHENA I is being successfully finalised, and a follow-up, ATHENA II, is being discussed.

But AOIFE has also engaged in new spheres of activities. Several research proposals have been sent to the 5th Framework Programme of the EU, or are currently under preparation.

In order to strengthen the communication between AOIFE members, the AOIFE council is also planning to launch a regular AOIFE newsletter.

In June 01, the secretariat arranged an extended council and working meeting on gender research and research financing in Europe. Represented at the meeting were - besides the AOIFE council

- representatives of the advisory board of the AOIFE

- NextGenderation network

- Women and Science Unit in DGXII (European Commission, Research DG)

- The Danish co-ordinator for Women's and Gender Studies

- The National Secretariat for Gender Studies in Sweden

- representatives of the (former) expert group for the integration of Gender Studies in the Swedish Research Councils

The main purpose of the working meeting was to discuss the conditions of gender research in Europe in terms of its recognition by research financing agencies, and joint initiatives and strategies to make the importance of the area more visible in the research financing agencies in Europe. A primary focus was the framework programmes of the EU. In a forward looking perspective, the meeting among others discussed the possibility of joint initiatives and strategies as regards promotion of the integration of gender perspectives and gender research in the upcoming 6th Framework Programme for research. Comparisons between local level and European level initiatives to influence official research financing policies were also on the agenda. Reports from the participating countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, UK) were presented.

In addition to the working meeting, there was an official opening celebration of the new AOIFE-secretariat. Here the rector of Linkoeping University, Bertil Andersson wished AOIFE and the participants a warm welcome and promised his support to AOIFE!

Contact the AOIFE secretariat:

Prof. Nina Lykke (, Managing director of the secretariat


Berit Starkman (, Administrative coordinator

AOIFE-secretariat/Department of Gender Studies, Linköping University,

S-581 83 Linköping, Sweden