News from AOIFE 2/99

The AOIFE network is now living its fourth year, and the association has grown from a developing stage to a well functioning organisation in full action with many activities on the agenda for the year to come. Among the most prestigious of them is the fourth European Feminist Research Conference in Bologna early autumn 2000. The conference which is called 'Body, gender, subjectivity - Crossing disciplinary and Institutional Borders' will be held in Bologna, Italy from September 28 - October 1, 2000.

Bologna 2000

The conference is co-ordinated by AOIFE in co-operation with Biblioteca del Centro di Documnetazione delle Donne in Bologna (The feminist library and documentation centre in Bologna) and ATHENA thematic network. The conference is a high scientific conference following the third European Feminist Research Conference in Coimbra 1997.

Except from the keynote speakers talking on Body, Gender and Subjectivity there will be a range of workshop sessions which in a cross disciplinary way will monitor the diversity and cover the newest movements within European feminist research.

The conference is funded by the EU DG XII by the grant high scientific conferences. The EU evaluation of the project was very good (87 points of 100).

A special emphasis is made on the next generation of feminist researchers. Every workshop will be co-ordinated by a junior as well as a senior researcher. The Keynote speakers will respondent up on by junior researchers. This insures that the conference not only crosses disciplinary and Institutional borders but also gaps between generations.

General Assembly

Prior to the conference AOIFE will have its general assembly where the new AOIFE council will be elected. AOIFE has so fare been active and successful in lobbying for gender in the fifth framework research program in the EU and facilitated the establishment of the dynamic thematic network ATHENA.

EU projects

Concerning EU projects within AOIFE we presently are active in two main applications for exchange networks. One exchange network with the United states under the Trans Atlantic program and one network with South America under the ALFA project.

Under the AOIFE umbrella there is also planed several research projects there will seek funding from the EU under fifth framework. The applications will be made this spring.

Next GENDERation

Another spin-off of AOIFE is the Next GENDERation network, which was formed in Sweden in 1998. A group of young feminists recognised the need for greater dialogue and co-operation among young women and men throughout Europe interested in Women's/Gender/feminist Studies and Feminism. Apart from a discussion list that helps members of the network inform and exchange information with each other, the network is also engaged in a study trying to investigate the kinds of attitudes and goals young women in Europe have in regard to job opportunities and carer paths, having been engaged in gender/women's studies.

Next GENDERation is also hosting a one day seminar in connection with the 4th European Feminist Research Conference. It will try to address some of the dilemmas the next GENDERation of feminists face with an other history and an other social context. Programs for this one day seminar will be available in the new year.

ATHENA Thematic network a continuing success

The ATHENA thematic network is well functioning. There will be published a joint publication for all the ATHENA panels by the end of year 99.

ATHENA has got funding form the EU to run for its second year. The fund is of 104.000 Euro. This is an increase of funds since the last year.

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