AOIFE STANDING ORDERS Revised AOIFE General Assembly 31 August 2006


English: Association of Institutions for Feminist Education and Research in Europe



Norwegian: Foreningen for feministiske utdannings- og forskningsinstitusjoner i Europa

Danish: Foreningen for feministiske uddannelses- og forsknings-insitutioner i Europa

Dutch: Vereniging van Instellingen voor Feministisch Onderwijs en Onderzoek in


Finnish: Feministisen opetuksen ja tutkimuksen eurooppalainen yhdistys

German: Assoziation von Instituten fuer feministische Forschung und Lehre in




Italian: Associazione di Instituzioni per la formazione e la ricerca femminista in Europa



Portuguese: Associacao de Instituicoes de Ensino e Investigacao Feminista na Europa


Swedish: Föreningen för feministiska utbildnings- och forskningsinstitutioner i Europa



Polish: Europejskie stowarztszenie feministycznych instytucji naukowych i dydaktycznych



2.1 Roles of Contact Persons

Each institutional member has one official contact person, with the option of naming one official replacement contact and however many project contact persons deemed necessary. The official contact person represents her institution in AOIFE. The official contact person has the responsibility of serving as the primary representative of AOIFE in her region and as a liaison between her institution/region and the association.


The project contact persons co-ordinate their institution’s involvement with AOIFE activities and projects. All registered contacts are expected to keep in touch with the AOIFE Secretariat and play their part in representing AOIFE in their institution/region.


In the case of the official contact’s absence at a General Assembly (GA), the replacement contact assumes her role. If neither the official or replacement contact person are able to attend the GA, the member can send a delegate in their place. Delegates must be employed at/affiliated with the same institution as the official contact and must be registered with the Secretariat two weeks prior to the General Assembly. They have the same voting rights as the official and official replacement contact persons they are representing at the GA.


2.2 Registration of contact persons

The official contact person, official replacement, and project contacts are registered as such on the AOIFE Membership Information Sheet that each institution is required to fill out. This sheet is signed by the official contact person and returned to the AOIFE Secretariat. Should there be any doubt about who the official contact person will be, the head of the institution makes the final decision and signs the named sheet. Any changes regarding contact persons must be registered with the Secretariat as soon as they occur.


3.1. Eligibility for nominating Council members and Council replacements

The nomination of a candidate to the AOIFE Council must be made by a person employed at/affiliated with the institutional member which the nominee is employed at/affiliated with.


3.2. Eligibility for being nominated for Council and Replacement Council

Anyone employed at/affiliated with an institutional member is entitled to nomination. A person’s nomination is official when confirmed by the head of the institutional member.


3.3. Validity of nominations

A nomination is valid when, in addition to fulfilling amendments 3.1 and 3.2 above, it is supported by the signature of one representative from another institutional member. The supporting signatory should be a person employed at/affiliated with a member institution in a country other than that of the nominee.


The (signed) nomination documents and a written presentation of the candidate (written by herself or one of her nominators) must be registered at the AOIFE Secretariat two month before the General Assembly.


3.4. Co-ordination of nominations

The Secretariat is in charge of the practical preparation and co-ordination of the nominations.


4.1. Nomination committee

The council appoints a nomination committee, consisting of a representative from the AOIFE secretariat and 4 official contacts of institutional members who are responsible for running the elections and ensuring that the rules defined in article 11.1. in the AOIFE Statutes, and article 3 of these Standing Orders are adhered to.


The members of the committee should represent different regions of Europe. A maximum of two members of the committee can be members of the AOIFE Council. When appointing the committee, the council elects one of the non-council members as chair of the committee. This chair will also act as chair for the General Assembly.


The nomination committee presents a candidate list of at least 9 regular council members and 2-9 replacements. If not enough nominations have been made, or if article 11.1. of the Statutes of AOIFE is not fulfilled, the nomination committee is entitled to nominate additional candidates, fulfilling the requirements described in point 3.2 above.


 The results of the nomination committee’s work are to be presented to the institutional members' one month before the General Assembly takes place.


4.2. Voting

The candidates that receive the highest amount of votes are elected. In case of a tie between two or more candidates, a second nominal ballot will be voted on at the General Assembly in order to determine which of those candidates will be elected to the Council.


The Secretariat is responsible for carrying out the ballot procedures at the General Assembly.


Institutional members may cast their vote for the Council either by mail, fax or in person at the General Assembly. Votes sent by mail must arrive at the Secretariat no later than one week prior to the GA. Votes by fax are accepted until the opening hour of the General Assembly at the General Assembly Secretariat.


Votes may not be cast by proxies, neither concerning elections, nor concerning other AOIFE matters.


4.3. Practical co-ordination

The Secretariat is in charge of the practical preparation and co-ordination of elections and will announce the election results at the closing of the General Assembly (if the election takes place within that context) and in a mailing to all AOIFE member institutions shortly after the election.


5.1 Minutes of AOIFE meetings

Minutes of the General Assembly are ratified by the chair(s) of the Assembly and one other person chosen by the Assembly. Minutes of the Council are ratified by the chair of the council meeting and one other council member. The Secretariat is in charge of AOIFE´s Council and General Assembly meeting minutes.


6.1 AOIFE Secretariat at the Research Institute for Culture and History (RICH) of the Faculty of Arts, Utrecht University

For the period 2006 - 2009, until the next General Assembly in 2009, the AOIFE Secretariat will be located at the Research Institute for Culture and History (RICH) of the Faculty of Arts at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. The council decides where the next Secretariat will be located and chooses from the institutions that bid for hosting the Secretariat.


7.1 Signatures and Archiving

Official AOIFE documents are signed by the head administrative officer, who is appointed by the Secretariat, and by the Council President. The Secretariat is responsible for archiving official documents.


8.1 Requests for membership

Membership requests are directed to the Secretariat and approved by the Council. Once the Secretariat receives the letter of intent from the prospective member, the Council members are presented with the membership request and have two weeks to approve it.


8.2 Membership requirements

Membership in AOIFE is pending on the following requirements:

1.    An official letter of intent signed by the Rector of the institutional member

2.    Paying membership dues within four months (or two payment reminders) from the date on the invoice.

3.    A completed AOIFE Membership Information Sheet, filled out and signed by the official contact person. These documents should be sent via regular mail to the Secretariat.


8.3 Failure to pay membership fee

Failure to pay within the named time period will result of termination of membership and annulment of the sent payment invoice. A warning will be sent with the second payment reminder to the institutional member in danger of being terminated. A membership termination notification will be sent four months (or two payment reminders) from the date on the institution’s invoice for the membership year.


If payment arrives after membership is terminated, the Council must evaluate the case to determine if the membership process should be started from scratch or if membership can merely be reinstated.


8.4 Membership period

Membership in AOIFE is rolling, meaning that there is not cut-off date for a given year. The membership year is the same as the calendar year (1.01-31.12).


8.5 Fee exemptions and reductions

Individual institutions requesting fee exemptions or reductions are evaluated by the Council, which decides whether fee exemption or reduction is warranted for a particular case. The request must be made in an official letter from the head of the institution with a brief explanation for their inability to pay the regular membership fee.


Those institutions granted fee exemption are awarded one year’s membership at AOIFE. These institutions have the same rights as paying members, corresponding to the type of institution they are (institution or association).