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What is AOIFE?

AOIFE stands for the Association of Institutions for Feminist Education and Research in Europe. Pronounced eefa, it is named after the Gaelic Eve (Eefa).

AOIFE is a European association for Women's Studies based on institutional membership.
AOIFE is a structure which links institutions dedicated to initiating and supporting feminist education and research in Europe.
AOIFE is a forum for collectively addressing and acting on issues concerning Women's Studies by means of co-operation and networking.
AOIFE is a platform from which to submit carefully drafted applications for funding from the EU and other international organisations.

Organisational Structure of AOIFE

Institutions constitute the members of the association, each with one or more contact persons. Contact persons represent their institution in AOIFE and are responsible for representing and spreading information about AOIFE in their institutions/associations and in their regional and local communities. Anyone affiliated with/employed at a member institution is welcome to participate in AOIFE activities and projects.

Representatives from our member institutions are invited to attend the AOIFE General Assembly which is held every three years, usually in conjunction with the European Feminist Research Conference. The next General Assembly will be held in June 2009, in conjunction with the 7th European Feminist Research Conference in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The AOIFE Council is elected for a three-year term at the General Assembly.

The AOIFE secretariat is located at Utrecht University. Jeannette van der Sanden is the Managing Director of AOIFE.

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