is a European network of

1. Students in Women's Studies and Gender Studies
2. Students enrolled at European Universities which are already (or will become) Athena partners
3. Graduates working in the field of gender research
4. Young professionals working in related fields

The network concentrates on themes related to Women's Studies today from both students' and graduates' perspectives.

The aims and objectives of the network are:
* To provide a platform for discussion among young students and researchs on themes related to Women's Studies, Gender Studies and Gender Research today
* To function as a platform for dialogue with the already existsing European networks and projects in the field
* To provide guidelines and recommendations to set up future projects in the field of Women's Studies in Europe

AthenaStudentForum@NextGENDERation coordinators:
Iris van der Tuin,
Anna Moring,

Central coordination:
International Office Women's Studies
Faculty of Arts
Utrecht University
Munstraat 2 A
NL-3512 Utrecht, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 30 2536013

More information: