The dynamics of cultural remembrance: an intermedial perspective




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Memory on the Move - International Symposium

Utrecht, 2-3 December 2010

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Where the first generation of memory scholars were concerned with the ways in which stories and images about the collective past were recorded, preserved, canonised -- in short, ‘stabilised’ – this symposium is concerned instead with the ways in which memories can and do ‘move’: across media, across generations, and across cultural, social and national borders. It aims to develop a more dynamic approach to collective memory emphasizing liquidity, mobility, travelling, mutability, and directionality alongside the more familiar and static notions of ‘sites,’ ‘monumentality,’ ‘heritage.’

This two-day symposium marks the conclusion of the four-year project 'The Dynamics of Cultural Remembrance: An Intermedial Perspective', funded by NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). It reviews the conceptual, methodological, and historical issues brought into play in the dynamics of collective memory. In particular it aims to conceptualize further the intersection between, on the one hand, the specifically cultural dynamics involved in the sharing and shaping of memories and, on the other hand, the social and political dynamics involved in the contestation and/or acceptance of particular stories.

Key questions include: Does the evolution of public memory, and its contestation, follow particular cultural and social pathways? Which memories mobilize? How do narratives travel or (as in the case of conflict) fail to travel between different communities? How do memories travel between mnemonic communities and which ones fail to do so (i.e. what are the limits of prosthetic memory?) How have memory practices and ideas of memory evolved?
What are the implications of a more ‘fluid’ notion of memory for discussions of identity?


Ann Rigney
Paulus Bijl
Laura Basu
Manon Meijer (secretariat)

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The symposium is part of a larger series of meetings on the theme of Transnational Memories, organized within the framework of the university research area Cultures and Identities.