8th International Conference on the Evolution of Language
Letter with practical information sent to all participants Informatie over het publiekevenement (ism Studium Generale) Informatie voor de pers


The Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS (UiL OTS) of Utrecht University, the Netherlands, hosts the 8th International conference on the Evolution of Language (Evolang8), to be held 14-17 April 2010

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Air traffic problems

Quite a few Evolang participants are stuck in the Netherlands as a result of the problems with air traffic. If you need any help or advice, please contact the linguistics institute at phone nr + 31 (0) 30 253 6006, fax + 31 (0) 30 253 6406 or email GW_uil-ots@uu.nl . We will then try to help out!


    • (13/4/10) We have had, unfortunately, some last minute cancellations. Eörs Szathmáry and Constance Scharff have, for personal reasons, had to withdraw their invited talks. Maggie Tallermans plenary will therefore be moved to Wednesday evening (Friday's program will then end 1 hour earlier). Chrisantha Fernando (with Eörs Szathmáry) will speak instead of Scharff at the main conference, and Johan Bolhuis at the public event.
    • (12/4/10) There will be no weekpasses for public transport for sale at the registration desk, as these do apparently no longer exist. You're best off buying a 'strippenkaart', or two, of 15 units at train, bus or newspaper kiosks. You'll need three units for a bus ride between the city center and the university campus each way.
    • (9/4/10) A printer-friendly extract from the program book, with just the information where and when to be in Utrecht, and the full program book itself are now available for download.
    • (5/4/10) An updated version of the Evolang8 poster is now available, with the revised list of plenary and invited speakers. New plenary speaker is Robert Berwick (MIT), new invited speakers are W Tecumseh Fitch, Michael Arbib & Merlin Donald and Alban Lemasson & Klaus Zuberbühler.
    • (26/3/10) A thoroughly revised program for the Cerebral dominance workshop, and a slightly changed program and workshop proceedings for the Models of Language Evolution workshops are now on the Workshops Page.
    • (26/3/10) Each of the posters has been assigned to one of the three poster sessions. Details can be found here.
    • (26/3/10) Julia Fischer has withdrawn her invited talk at the conference. The program has been revised as a result of this and a few other withdrawls; some poster presenters have been asked to present orally such that the total number of talks is still 95. The (hopefully) final program is here.
    • (23/3/10) Our sponsors, the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, Oxford University Press, the City of Utrecht, Cambridge University Press and John Benjamins Publishing Company, are all mentioned with logo's on the Committees page.
    • (10/3/10) Due to delayed workshop programming we have decided to extend the "early birds" reduced registration fee to March 21st!
    • (5/3/10) Marc Hauser has withdrawn his plenary talk at the conference, and will be replaced by Robert Berwick (MIT).
    • (27/01/10) A detailed, preliminary program, with all oral presentation assigned to a slot, is now available here. Any requests regarding the program can be submitted using this form.
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    Plenary Speakers

    • Stephen Anderson (Yale)
    • Robert Berwick (MIT)
    • Morten Christiansen (Cornell)
    • Terrence Deacon (Berkeley)
    • Peter Gärdenfors (Lund)
    • Wil Roebroeks (Leiden)
    • Eörs Szathmáry (Budapest)
    • Maggie Tallerman (Newcastle)

    Invited Speakers

    • Alan Barnard (Edinburgh)
    • Rebecca Cann (Hawaii) & Karl Diller (Hawaii)
    • Julia Fischer (Göttingen)
    • Kathleen Gibson (Texas at Houston)
    • Patricia Greenfield (UCLA)
    • Eva Jablonka (Tel Aviv) & Daniel Dor (Tel Aviv)
    • Gerhard Jäger (Tübingen)
    • Constance Scharff (FU Berlin)
    • Ann Senghas (Columbia) & Asli Özyurek (MPI, Nijmegen)
    • Marilyn Vihman (York)
    • Thomas Wynn (Colorado at Colorado Springs) & Frederick Coolidge (Colorado at Colorado Springs)

    Local Organizing Committee

    • Rudie Botha (Stellenbosch University, Utrecht University)
    • Bart de Boer (University of Amsterdam)
    • Martin Everaert (Utrecht University)
    • Marieke Schouwstra (Utrecht University)
    • Henriëtte de Swart (Utrecht University)
    • Willem Zuidema (University of Amsterdam)