8th International Conference on the Evolution of Language

Plenary Speakers

Stephen Anderson (Yale): What is special about the language faculty, and how did it get that way?

Robert Berwick (MIT): Invariants and Variation in Biology and Language Evolution

Morten Christiansen (Cornell): Brains, Genes and Language Evolution

Terrence Deacon (Berkeley): Language and complexity: Evolution inside out

Peter Gärdenfors (Lund): The Evolution of Semantics: a Meeting of Minds

Wil Roebroeks (Leiden): The Silence of the Stones - On the archaeological record for (Neandertal) language

Eörs Szathmáry (Budapest): Neuronal Replicators and Language

Maggie Tallerman (Newcastle): Lost in a Linguistic Jungle: What's in the Language Faculty?

Invited Speakers

Alan Barnard (Edinburgh): Mythology and the Evolution of Language

Rebecca Cann (Hawaii): & Karl Diller (Hawaii): The Innateness of Language: a View from Genetics

W Tecumseh Fitch, Michael Arbib, Merlin Donald: A Molecular Genetic Framework for Testing Hypotheses about Language Evolution

Kathleen Gibson (Texas at Houston): Talking About Birds, Bees, and Primates, Too. Implications for Language Evolution

Patricia Greenfield (UCLA): Why Ape-Human Similarities and Learning Mechanisms are Important: a Developmental and Cladistic Approach to the Evolution of Language

Eva Jablonka & Daniel Dor (Tel Aviv): A New Theory of Language and its Implications for the Question of Evolution

Gerhard Jäger (Tübingen): Applications of the Price Equation to Language Evolution

Alban Lemasson, Klaus Zuberbühler (St. Andrews): Vocal abilities in a group of nonhuman primates

Constance Scharff (FU Berlin): FoxP2 as a molecular window into speech and language

Ann Senghas (Columbia) & Asli Özyurek (MPI, Nijmegen): The Evolution of Segmentation and Sequencing: Evidence from Homesign and Nicaraguan Sign Language

Marilyn Vihman (York): Lessons for Evolution from First Language Development

Thomas Wynn & Frederick Coolidge (Colorado at Colorado Springs): Numerosity, Abstraction, and the Emergence of Metaphor in Language