8th International Conference on the Evolution of Language

Older News Items

  • (22/01/09) Several of Evolang's invited speakers and participants are lecturing in this year's Summer Institute in Cognitive Science in Montreal, Canada: see here for details.
  • (05/01/10) The submissions deadlines for the "The evolution of semantic structure" and "Birdsong/animal communication and the evolution of speech" workshops have been extended to January 31st and January 24th respectively. Submission instructions are on the Workshops page.
  • (21/12/09) The complete list of talks and posters, including the titles of the invited talks is now available here.
  • (17/12/09) The call for paper for the workshop "Models of Language Evolution: does the Math Add Up?" is now available. Deadline for submissions of extended abstracts is January 31st. See the workshop webpage.
  • (13/11/09) The Evolang8 poster is now available for download. Please put this poster up in your own institution to advertise the conference; when printing it (in color or black-and-white), make sure to use the option "scale to fit paper size" when printing to A3 or letter formats.
  • (13/11/09) It is now possible to register for the conference (check the registration page) and to book your hotel room (check the accomodation page). Please register and book a.s.a.p., as hotels might fill up well in advance of the conference. The early registration deadline is March 1st.
  • (13/11/09) The program committee has finalised the selection of papers and abstracts for the main conference, on the basis of reviews received. Most submissions have been reviewed by 4 reviewers; we thank the reviewers for their outstanding work. Out of 192 submissions, 75 have been selected for an oral presentation and 39 for poster presentations.
  • (10/3/09) The submission deadline has now passed... Very many papers and abstracts were submitted, which are currently being processed and assigned to Evolang reviewers.
  • (10/4/09) A description of the Evolang8-workshop "Birdsong/animal communication and the evolution of speech" can now be found on the Workshops page.
  • (9/28/09) Less then one week left before the paper/abstract submission deadline at October 2nd!
  • (9/28/09) The evolang2010.nl has today received its 3000th unique visitor! (not counting the many hundreds of returning visitors)
  • (9/28/09) Another of Evolang8's invited speakers, Morten Christiansen, is in the Netherlands in December to present this year's Nijmegen Lectures
  • (9/25/09) The last call for paper has been distributed through LinguistList and various other mailing lists, and to all addresses on the Evolang list (although, due to technical problems with the majordomo-server, not through that list itself...). Apologies for multiple copies!
  • (9/4/09) Three workshops will be held on April 14th, the day before the main conference. Titles, descriptions and details of the submissions can now be found the on the workshops page.
  • (9/3/09) Since March 2009, we've had over 2000 unique visitors to the evolang2010.nl website; over 900 people are registred for the evolang mailing list.
  • (9/2/09) Only one month until the paper/abstract submission deadline!
  • (9/1/09) One of Evolang8's invited speakers, Marc Hauser, is in the Netherlands later this month to give this year's Tinbergen Lecture