8th International Conference on the Evolution of Language

How to Get There

How to get to Utrecht:

Utrecht is easy to reach as it is centrally situated in The Netherlands and lies at the hub of the Dutch motorway and railway networks. Utrecht also offers air travellers good road and rail connections.

For an interactive map of all the different locations, visit: http://www.uu.nl/maps

Amsterdam Airport to Utrecht
The best way to travel from Schiphol Airport to Utrecht is by train. Tickets can be purchased from the ticket office or vending machines at Schiphol station. Please be advised that, in the Netherlands, return tickets are valid for one day only. Trains to Utrecht run on two routes:

  • There is one direct train form Schiphol airport to Utrecht central Station. You can take this train twice an hour.
  • In all other trains, you must change at train station Duivendrecht to any inter-city bound for Nijmegen, Maastricht or Eindhoven. Utrecht Central is the first stop.

Duration and price
The entire trip lasts about 40 minutes and costs €7.30* (second class) or €12.40* (first class).
By Taxi
If you phone the Utrecht Taxi Company (UTC) in advance (+31 (0) 30 230 0400) a taxi will be waiting for you when you arrive at the airport. However, it will cost approximately €60 (price rate 2007). If you call UTC from Schipol Airport then you will have to wait approximately 40 minutes for a taxi.

How to get around in Utrecht
By Bus and Tram
Both buses and trams operate within the city of Utrecht. To use them you will need to purchase a "strippenkaart". This is a zone-card with “strips” that should be stamped every time you get on a bus or tram. For travel within the centre of Utrecht (one zone) you will need to stamp 2 strips. From the centre to the university campus, De Uithof (two zones), you will need to stamp 3 strips. A card with 15 strips costs approximately €6.80 (price rate 2007).

How to get to the conference venue

From Utrecht Central Station to the Conference Venue
Most direct bus route form the Central Station

  • From Utrecht Central Station take bus 12 or 12s in the direction of 'De Uithof/AZU'
  • Get off the bus at bus stop called 'Centrumgebouw-Zuid'
  • Across the street you will see the 'Willem C. van Unnikgebouw' (you can recognize this 15-story building by the seal of the University on it’s roof)
  • Through the main entrance of the 'Willem C. van Unnikgebouw' you walk to the main entrance of the 'Educatorium'

Most scenic route through the city
  • From the Central Station or the city centre take bus 11 in the direction of 'De Uithof/WKZ'
  • Get off the bus at bus stop called 'Heidelberglaan'
  • Cross the street and walk about 100 meters back in the direction that you came
  • At your right you will see the 'Willem C. van Unnikgebouw'
  • Through the main entrance of the 'Willem C. van Unnikgebouw' you walk to the main entrance of the 'Educatorium'

By Car
From junction "Rijnsweerd" follow the signs to Amersfoort/Zeist
Take exit "De Bilt/De Uithof
At the stop sign, turn left and drive south on "Universiteitsweg"
The second road to the right is Leuvenlaan. Please park in the car park on your left-hand side in front of the Marinus Ruppert Building (entrance at the far end).

From Central Station to University hall (Academiegebouw)
Bus route 2, departing from the Central Station, stops at the Dom square. Bus routes 3, 5, 9 and 11 alls stop at the Janskerkhof (a church in the city centre). It is only a few minutes walk from there to the Dom square (see the map of the city centre below).
You can also walk directly from the Central Station to the Academiegebouw. This takes approximately 15 minutes and takes you through the old city and past the Old Canal. You can find the best route on our map of the city centre below.
It's also possible to take a taxi from the central railway station.

Getting to Amsterdam and The Hague
From Utrecht is it very easy to travel to Amsterdam and the Hague. The most efficient way if going by train. For more information we refer to the following website:  www.ns.nl

Yet more travel information on Utrecht can be found here.