[ Preliminary Agenda | Route description (from the airport, from the train-station, by bus, by taxi, on foot) ]

Preliminary Agenda

9:45-10:30Restricted briefing of the reviewers and PO
10:30-10:45Welcome and overviewProject Coordinator and Project Officer
Introduction and presentation of the agenda
10:45-11:15Presentation of the project: partners, objectives and main achievements (View the slides)Paola Monachesi
Presentation of the overall objectives, implementation strategy, main activities and main achievements of the project in its first year
presentations and questions
WP1 (View slides)Dan Cristea
Partner presentation, work done, results achieved, strategies adopted, problems encountered
presentations and questions
WP2 (View slides)Lothar Lemnitzer
Partner presentation, work done, results achieved, strategies adopted, problems encountered
12:15-13:30Lunch Break (at the Faculty Club)
presentations and questions
WP3 (View slides)Kiril Simov
Partner presentation, work done, results achieved, strategies adopted, problems encountered
presentations and questions
WP4 (View slides)Alex Killing
Partner presentation, preparation work already done
presentations and questions
WP5 (View slides)Anne de Roeck
Partner presentation, preparation work already done
presentations and questions
Multilinguality (View slides)Cristina Vertan
Multilingual aspects of the project
presentations and questions
WP6 & WP7 (View slides)Paola Monachesi
Overview of the dissemination activities and finances
15:00-15.15Coffee Break
presentations and questions
Plans for the futurePaola Monachesi
15:45-16:45Restricted meeting of the reviewers and PO
16:45-17:00Recommendations from the reviewersProject Officer

Route description to UiL-OTS, Trans 10, Utrecht, NL

route map

Here is a map, click for a bigger version. Our institute is where the red circle is. The dotted line tells you how to walk from the Central Station. As you can see there are shorter routes, but this is the one described below.

From Schiphol Airport to Utrecht

A taxi from Schiphol Airport to Utrecht can easily cost you over 100 euro, so we suggest that you take the train, which is both cheaper and faster. From the Arrival Hall, follow the train signs to the station hall. Buy a ticket to Utrecht (7:30 euro for a second class single ticket, return tickets are 13.50 euro but can only be used on the same day). There are now direct trains from Schiphol to Utrecht every 30 minutes (in both directions). Trains normally leave from track 1-2, at *.15 and *.45 throughout the day, on weekdays between 6:15 and 23:45. Duration 35 minutes.

From Utrecht Central Station to the Institute (UiL-OTS, Trans 10)

  1. Get off the train at Utrecht Central Station, take the escalator or stairs up to the main hall on the 1st floor.
  2. From the main hall follow the Bus and Taxi signs (direction 'Centrum'/'Clarenburg'/'Vredenburg', do not go to 'Jaarbeurs')
  3. Once you have arrived at the exit to the taxi platform (same level) and the escalators down to the bus platform, decide whether you want to go:
    • by taxi -- cost ca 12.00 euro, proceed to Taxi (also the best option if you want to go to Hotel Mitland).
    • by bus -- cost ca 1.60 euro, proceed to Bus.
    • walking -- takes 10-15 minutes (a nice walk if you are travelling light), proceed to Walking.


Go to the taxi platform (same level) and take a taxi to the 'Trans', and get off in front of the main entrance (address Trans 10). If the taxi driver is in doubt whether Trans refers to a building in the University Center 'De Uithof' (outside Utrecht), or to a place in the inner city, you should tell him to go to the inner city, near the Dom Tower.


  1. Take the escalator (or stairs) down to the city bus platform ('stadsbussen'). It is right below the taxi platform.
  2. Walk straight ahead, until the end of the platform, until you see on your left the stop of line 2 (direction 'Museumlijn' or 'Ringlijn'). Normally the number 2 bus runs in a clockwise direction, but during periods of road construction works in the inner city the direction may be inverted.
  3. Get on the bus, buy a ticket, and get off at the 4th stop 'Domplein', right in front of the Dom Tower. You can't miss it. Proceed to 9 of Walking.


  1. Walk past the exits that lead to the bus and taxi platforms (keeping them on your left), and continue walking through the shopping area, in the same direction (Centrum/Vredenburg/Clarenburg).
  2. Maintain the same direction; there is one place (a wide square, with in the middle a bronze bar with a knot in it) where you have to keep the square on your left, and turn slightly to the right.
  3. At the end you will find an escalator which will take you down and, after 20 meters, outside.
  4. You will find yourself in the right hand bottom corner of a large square. Walk straight ahead to the right hand top corner, and turn right there.
  5. Follow the shopping street. It turns gradually to the left. Keep following it.
  6. By now you should see somewhere ahead of you, a tall church tower (the 'Dom Tower', 110 m). Use this as your landmark, because that is where our institute is.
  7. When the shopping street ends, turn right (another shopping street).
  8. Take the first street left, which leads you across a bridge over a canal, through (really!) the Dom tower. Then turn right, where you will see a bus stop (yellow sign).
  9. Walk 50 meters in the same direction as the bus, cross the street, and take the first street on your left. This is the 'Trans'. The entrance is at Trans 10, in the middle, on your left.

If you get lost, don't despair. Just call us:

For more practical information, visit: Practical Information for Conferences and Events