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Bach Research in 2000 - Problems and Perspectives
Utrecht University, September 12 - 14 2000
Organization: Albert Clement
Location: Oude Statenzaal, Achter Sint Pieter 200, Utrecht
Languages: English / German

WEDNESDAY, 13 September

time contributor subject
Chair: Paul Op de Coul
10.00 Opening
10.05 Willem Elders (em. Utrecht) Compositional procedures in Bach and the art of the early Netherlanders
10.45 Thomas Op de Coul (Utrecht) The augmentation canons of J.S. Bach, especially the example in his Musicalisches Opfer
11.45 Thijs Kramer (Hilversum) Die Erforschung von Bachs numerischer Kompositionsweise in den Niederlanden
12.20 Mieke van Zanten (Maasbommel) Painted organ doors: musical documents or manifests?
13.00 LUNCH
14.00 Rudolf Rasch (Utrecht) Roger, Bach and Walther: Musical Relations between Amsterdam and Weimar
14.35 Emile Wennekes (Hilversum) `Artists! Don't fail in your duties!' Passive and productive Bach reception in the Netherlands
15.30 Ton Koopman (Bussum) A new view on a Passion by Bach
16.10 Frits Broeyer (Utrecht) Bach's library as starting point for the reception of his music in the Netherlands
16.45-17.00 DISCUSSION

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