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Eric Reuland

Room: 1.06 (Trans 10)
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Acaciapark 2
1213 LA Hilversum
Phone: +31-(0)35-6214431

Position: Professor of Linguistic, especially syntax


Course: Van Taal naar Theorie (Introduction to Linguistics)


A substantial part of the goals I think are important to pursue in linguistics are reflected in the general program of Language in Use. My more immediate research interests you will see reflected in my involvement with the project group on Grammar and Interpretation and the Typology project.

Very broadly my research interests involve the relation between "syntax" (or, less theory neutral, the computational system of human language as investigated from the perspective of the "minimalist program"), systems of interpretation (semantics, discourse), and the principles governing their access and use (processing, division of labor).

Through the years, my research topics have included mixed categories (English gerunds, nominal infinitives in Dutch, theory of syntactic categories), existential constructions (indefinites, expletives), anaphora (binding theory, long-distance anaphora, logophoricity, cross-linguistic variation) with an occasional foray into experimental work on the division of labor among the linguistic systems.

My current work takes anaphora as a starting point. The systems of anaphora in natural language very clearly have syntactic, semantic and pragmatic dimensions. I wish to explore what they tell us about the interfaces between syntax, semantic and pragmatics and their division of labor. In the long run we have to know far more precisely what the range of variation is in way in which anaphoric dependencies are encoded in human languages. This is the reason for my interest in the typology project.

In order to achieve a real understanding of the way in which the human capacity for language is embedded in our cognitive system as a whole, experimental work must be conducted. One of my immediate goals is to help develop such plans, specifically concerning the way anaphoric dependencies are processed by the human brain (using the non-invasive brain imaging techniques currently available).

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