The Voice Portal

Welcome to the Voice Portal!

At this site we have collected information on all kinds of aspects of the singing voice. You are invited to browse The Voice Portal! The site also includes practicals which you can try yourself after having downloaded the - free - Praat software. Over 3500 samples of sung vowels - Vowels in Concert - are included in the voice portal, while also History of Singing is illustrated by sound examples, but you will need a password to access them. Contact .

Parts of this site are in Dutch.

We very much hope that you will enjoy The Voice Portal!

Contributors: Gerrit Bloothooft, Peter Pabon, Ank Reinders, Albert Roeleveld.

Companion course at Utrecht University is "De ZangStem", which runs every year from February - April.

Contents of the Voice Portal

Topics Access to the portal by topic
History Some papers, and a website by Ank Reinders on the History of Singing (with sound examples - restricted) (in Dutch)
Papers Some on-line papers on singing
Recordings Sound examples: Vowels in Concert (restricted)
Movies Movies on singing (restricted)
Interesting Links Organised collection of links to webpages relavant to the science of the singing voice
Practicals Four practicals on acoustics of singing, using Praat (in Dutch)
Exercises Series of exercises to test your knowledge of the singing voice, with answers (in Dutch)