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ATHENA - Dissemination

In short, the dissemination phase will be carried out in five complementary strategies:

1) through a wide dissemination of the ATHENA publications and additionally, through translation of selected relevant publications into languages that would allow especially partners from the South and the East of Europe to benefit from the publications;

2) through networking the wider field of Women's Studies in Europe;

3) through the organisation of regional seminars around the ATHENA results and outcomes, during which expert meetings around the panel publications will be organised with the different target groups. One regional seminar will take place in the North, targeting the Nordic and the Baltic countries; one in the Central-East, targeting Central-Eastern Europe; and one in the South, targeting the South of Europe;

4) through the 5th European Feminist Research Conference, to take place in August 2003, organised by the ATHENA network, in Lund, Sweden;

5) through dissemination of the results through the ATHENA website.

An important role in this dissemination project will be for the libraries and documentation centres. The documentation centres are a very rich resource and a perfect location from which to disseminate the results of ATHENA to the wider field of Women's Studies in Europe.
Furthermore, the big aim of the dissemination project is to enlarge the partnership, with special emphasis on the South and the East of Europe. New partners from those regions are especially welcome in ATHENA II, and we hope to be able to link up to new contacts and continue cooperation with those already involved.
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