m e e t i n g s

 General structure
  • General information for partners, information on Socrates and other relevant EU programmes and update on activities by the ATHENA central coordinators
  • Presentation of activities undertaken, short introduction and aims of the thematic panel work sessions by the five panel coordinators and the working group coordinators
  • Task Force meeting
  • parallel work sessions of the five thematic panels
  • plenary session in which each panel shortly presents the outcomes of the meeting
  • Final discussion and conclusions on follow up:
    • the activities and products to be developed by the five thematic panels
    • co-operation between the five thematic panels and the two working groups
    • update on decisions made by the Task Force
    • agreement on deadline for reports of the meeting by working group coordinators and panel coordinators
    • agreement on future meetings and ATHENA activities
    • update planning and aims for the next three years, with specific attention to the first project year (1998-99).

 Activities undertaken during meetings

Brussels, Belgium, November 1998:

  • Women's Studies experts participating in the ATHENA meeting contributed to the yearly SOPHIA colloquium by responding to papers by Belgian experts in the field
  • Presentation by expert from the expertise center 'Gender, Ethnicity and Multiculturality', the Netherlands, on 'Color in the Curriculum', a project which, based on an inventarisation of the integration of multicultural perspectives in Women's Studies teaching and a needs anaylses among teachers in the field, offers teacher training in integrating multicultural perspectives in Women's Studies teaching
Noordwijk, the Netherlands, March 1999:
  • Presentation by expert from the Swiss Science Council on their research on the institutionalisation of Women's Studies in Europe and trends and prospects in the field
  • Expert meeting on 'The use of ICT in Women's Studies Teaching', organised by ATHENA Working Group 2, with input from external experts in the field of ICT in education and experts from ATHENA.
  • 1st ATHENA Advisory Board meeting, a newly launched Board in which the ATHENA Task Force meets with external experts, a selected number of official ministerial or governmental representatives of some of the countries that constitute ATHENA. The first meeting of this Board proved to be very useful for both sides. The Advisory Board will have not only an advisory role, but also a policy-making function, especially in terms of creating an effective feed-back mechanism between the European and different 'local' levels, and will hopefully contribute to the implementation of some of the European measures.
Tromso, Norway, June 1999:
  • 2nd ATHENA Advisory Board meeting

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