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 New Publications

Braidotti, Rosi, Ilse Lazaroms and Esther Vonk:
'The Making of European Women's Studies. A work in progress report on curriculum development and related issues in gender education and research'. Volume III.
Utrecht, ATHENA/Utrecht University, 2001.

Copies can be ordered, free of charge, at:

International Office Womens Studies
Utrecht University
Trans 10
3512 JK Utrecht
The Netherlands
phone: +31-30-2536013
fax: +31-30-2536695
e-mail: athena@let.uu.nl

Griffin, Gabriele and Braidotti, Rosi:
Thinking Differently. A European Women's Studies Reader.
Zed Books, London 2002.

Copies can be ordered at:

Zed Books Ltd
7 Cynthia Street
London N19JF
United Kingdom
Tel: 44 207 837 4014
Fax: 44 207 833 3960

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