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Masterprogram Comparative Women's Studies in Culture and Politics

Comparative Women's Studies, Politics and Culture is a one-year Masters-program. The program is directed at application of Womenís Studies in different professional, free lance and activist domains. An (international) internship is part of this program. Admission requirements include a minimum of 45 ECTS in the field of womenís studies.

The two-year Masters-program, called Gender and Ethnicity is focused on research and prepares students who want to do a PhD in the field of Womenís Studies. This program includes tutorials and the supervised writing of a Masterthesis.
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Faculty members from different disicplines supervise the students and guide them to successful completion of an internationally recognized masterís degree in this field. The proximity and access to the NOV (http://www.let.uu.nl/nov) generates synergy and thus contibutes to a stimulating academic context for the MA students.

The courses for both MA-programs include:
  • Politics of Representation
  • Feminist Theory: between difference and diversity (also available online)
  • (Auto)biography in Southern Africa
  • Female Representations of Eros and Pathos
  • Technobodies in Cyberspace
  • Gender and Ethnicity in Europe
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For questions on content about the 1-year master Comparative Women's Studies: Gloria.Wekker@let.uu.nl

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