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Research master Gender and Ethnicity

This programme is aimed at students interested in women's studies. Students will acquire profound insights into how gender and ethnicity become meaningful in their interaction with other social and historical categories. They will learn to analyse social, cultural and theoretical texts and images independently, and gain historical and cultural knowledge about interventions against discrimination on the grounds of gender and/or ethnicity. Attention will be given to epistemological, political and ethical aspects of theories about subjectivity and representation. Students will also acquire more in-depth knowledge about the development of feminist theories, the history and topicality of colonial, post-colonial and multicultural societies, and the representation of gender and ethnicity in literature, new media and new technologies.

Graduates of this programme will be able to formulate scholarly, socially relevant research proposals. They will be aware of the political and social implications of academic research in the field, and able to contribute to such research and report orally and in writing at an academic level.
This English-language programme prepares students for PhD studies in the Netherlands or abroad. Graduates will also be eligible for positions in, for instance, research institutes, social, cultural and non-governmental organisations requiring specific skills in the field of gender and ethnicity at Master's level.

Application for admission Dutch students:
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