International Research Cooperation

The programme will closely collaborate with various international research groups focusing on gender, ethnicity, class and nationality.
Rutgers University
researchers collaborate with the black atlantic: race, nation and gender, a similarly focused research project at rutgers university, new jersey, that seeks to trace the history of modern black experience on both sides of the atlantic in a comparative and international frame. research exchanges and a joint conference have been scheduled.
University of Western Cape
braidotti, buikema and wekker are involved in a teacher exchange programme of the university of western cape (uwc) and utrecht university. this takes place within the unitwin network of exchanges between the netherlands and southern africa. supervision of uwc-researchers in the field of gender and ethnicity is part of this programme. a joint research proposal on the representation of inter-ethnic relationships in south africa has been made and has been funded by the sanpad programme of the dutch government. this project is now carried out in south-africa, under supervision of buikema and wekker.
University of Helsinki, University of UmeƄ, University of Frankfurt and University of Bergen
davis, hoogland, braidotti have taught in women's studies programmes. more structural, bi-lateral arrangements are presently being developed, also in the context of internationalisation in the nov.
NWO International Research Grant
as of the academic year 1998-99, the women's studies department in utrecht has been awarded by the humanities section of the nwo, the dutch research organisation, a 3-year grant for international co-operation and exchanges in the area of multimedia and information technologies. the first selected partner has been the university of california at santa barbara, followed by odense university in Denmark.
among collaboration with internationally renowned scholars in the field of inter-ethnic relationships, the institutional tie with prof. ann phoenix at birkbeck college, university of london, deserves mention. she is the author of several highly influential texts in this field (see bibliography). minimally, a joint international publication is envisioned within the context of this collaboration.

active contacts also exist with a variety of senior academics within the former noise network, as well as within the utrecht network, especially in bologna, coimbra, antwerp, york and madrid, who are traditional utrecht partners. the international board of advisors of the nov has also intense working ties with utrecht, especially donna haraway, joan scott, teresa de lauretis and bell hooks, all of whom have visited utrecht on several occasions in the last years.

co-organisation of the fourth feminist research conference, together with the women's library and the university of bologna. official subsidy granted by the european commission dg xii for a "high level euro-conference" on gender and science.