Who are the future of European women's studies? How can the diverse members of this future begin to speak to each other? WeAVE provides a space for this future by creating a forum for dialogue, exchange, and interaction among gender studies students, postgraduate students, Ph.D.'s, post-doc researchers, and junior teachers. WeAVE emerged from the ATHENA Student Forum, an international network of students that was formed inside the Thematic Network for European Women's Studies, ATHENA. WeAVE's main objective is to network the existing gender studies networks for students and junior scholars, as well as to encourage new networks to be formed in order to create an ever expanding and transforming tapestry of European feminist futures. WeAVE is interested in publishing, communication, and maintaining a platform for the exchange of ideas. It promotes new perspectives in the fields of gender theory, gender methodology, and 'feminist academic careers'.
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