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Issues in Postcoloniality

The seminar brings under review postcolonial theories which are relevant for the understanding of our contemporary global world. In particular colonial history, postcolonial literatures, third world films and new media will be analysed and discussed in their intermedial relationship to highlight how questions of gender, ethnicity and diaspora are represented and conveyed.
The seminar aims at widening the understanding of mediated culture within a transnational framework. The students will be asked to question their ideas on value judgement of works of art, literature, cinema and new media which are culturally different, i.e. coming from different aesthetics and political traditions. Western art forms will be interrogated in their representation of national discourses in order to understand whether a postcolonial reading can help detect biased assumptions concerning race, gender and ethnicity. Non-Western works will be studied, taking into account both the aesthetic tradition from which they stem but also their level of hybridization with other forms, styles and genres. We will be concerned with issues in postcolonial critique; transnational feminist theories; representations of gender, race and ethnicity in colonial and postcolonial societies; orientalism and exoticism; analysis of postcolonial fictions, films and other media representations; identity construction across borders, nations and languages; migrant and diasporic writings in Europe; colonial history and postcolonial transitions; major postcolonial theorists; construction of the racialized other in literature and visual culture; feminism and globalization. In-depth study of a theme in Gender and Ethnicity, literature and visual culture will lead to an understanding of some of the approaches to the field.