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Individual Coaching at MA and PhD level

Advanced Master students and PhD candidates may spend a period in the Netherlands to work on an individual basis with a NOG supervisor on a specific area of research. The Individual Coaching option is especially designed to accommodate foreign graduate students in need of specialised gender research. The decision to opt for joint coaching by both their home and Dutch supervisors is an additional possibility to be decided upon by individual faculty members of the NOG.
A certificate is issued upon request. Please note that this option doesn't officially constitute a MA or PhD Degree. 
Tuition fees:
The tuition fee for this option: €1000,- entrance fee plus the fees of the Coaching Sessions. Fee per one-hour session is €50,- Fees are exclusive of room, board and insurance. Fees are for one academic year.
Application deadline:
It is recommended to apply at least 4 months in advance of first scheduled session.
Application forms:
Here you can find the application forms.

Scholarships: Unfortunately, NOG doesn't have the possibility to give grants. You can check the following links for more information on scholarships and financial assistance provided by different organisations.