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Master Classes

On a regular basis the NOG organises special intensive courses or master classes taught by distinguished international visitors:
Prof. Donna Haraway (1994), Prof. Judith Butler (2000), Prof. Sandra Harding (2001), Prof. Nina Lykke (2001), Prof. Ute Gerhard (2002), Prof. Katherine Hayles (2003), Prof. Magda Michielsens (2004), Fatema Mernissi (2004), Prof. Saskia Sassen (2005), Prof. Joanna Regulska (2005), Prof. Marguerite Waller (2007), Prof. Linda Alcoff (2007), Prof. Elisabeth Grosz (2008), Prof. Gail Pheterson (2008), Prof. Sneja Gunew (2009), Prof. Vicki Kirby (2010) and Bracha Ettinger (2012).

Master classes within the regular NOG curriculum are open to Graduate and PhD students on condition that they have adequate background training in Women's Studies and are familiar with major strands in feminist theorizing.

Tuition Fees:
Master Classes have to be paid for by all the participants.

Application procedures:
Contact the NOG coordinator for the application procedures.

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