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The Post-Structuralist Turn and Beyond

This course is a toolkit for upcoming researchers in basic methods of cultural analysis. Several methods and approaches will be presented: visual analysis, narratology, discourse analysis, rhetorical analysis, intertextuality, psycho-analysis and semiotics. The course will focus on the way in which images and texts perform cultural hierarchies such as gender, ethnicity and sexuality.
The course is open to Research Master students who work with textual and visual analysis be it in the arts or in other disciplines. The main focus however will be the epistemological reflection concerning the material-semiotic principle which recognizes human signification as a layered process in which syntactical, semantical, pragmatical and effective aspects interdepend. The presented theories and insights will be illustrated by textual and visual analysis of texts and images. In addition students will be invited to present and discuss their textual and/or visual material and analytical approaches in class.