Master programme Comparative Women's Studies in Culture and Politics

Comparative Women's Studies in Culture and Politics is a one-year academic or professional Masters-programme. The programme is directed at the application of Women's Studies' insights in different professional, free lance and activist domains. A 10-week fulltime internship is part of this programme. The internship provides job experience and opportunities for both putting theory to work and advance the student's chances for future work prospects both within and outside academia. We are proud of how well the students so far have done after finishing the programme, often finding work in the fields in which they have interned. A minority of students, who have performed excellently in the MA-1 continue their studies in the MA-2, the Research Master programme in Gender and Ethnicity.
Admission requirements for the MA-1 include a minimum of 30 ECTS in the field of Women's and Gender Studies.  
Faculty members from different disicplines supervise the students and guide them to successful completion of an internationally recognized master's degree in this field. The proximity and access to the Graduate Gender Programme (GGeP) generates synergy and thus contibutes to a stimulating academic context for the MA students.
Please contact coordinator Dr. Kathrin Thiele in case you want to research the possibilities of following this Master programme alongside your job.
The courses for the MA programme in Comparative Women's Studies include:
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Other students have continued their studies at Gender Studies (two-year MA).