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EU-funded Research Project on Employment and Women's Studies: The Impact of Women's Studies Training on Women's Employment in Europe

The project analyses how Women's Studies training affects women's opportunities and interventions in the labour market. Since Women's Studies training differs greatly between countries, a further objective is to examine how these differences relate to individual women's subsequent employment achievements. As women's employment opportunities vary greatly between partner countries we need to understand what women, once trained, do given the structuring of their employment opportunities. Finally, we intend to analyse the impact Women's Studies training has on the changes women seek to generate in the workplace, and how it impacts on women's professional and other duties undertaken in the workplace.

Researcher Jeannette van der Sanden and Dr. Berteke Waaldijk were involved in this project that ended in june 2003.

The project involves eleven partners from nine countries (France, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland and the Netherlands).

Project information and reports are available from the project website: http://www.hull.ac.uk/ewsi

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