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 | NOISE Summerschool 2005 | DOING GENDER lecture series |


Spring 2005 lecture series
Graduate Gender Programme, Utrecht

15 February, 4-6 PM:
Prof. Rosi Braidotti (Women's Studies, Utrecht University)
Place: Utrecht, Achter de Dom 22-24, zaal 1.02.
Lecture: book presentation “Op Doorreis”

15 March, 4 -6 PM:
Prof. Saskia Sassen (University of Chicago)
Place: Utrecht, Senaatszaal, Academiegebouw (Domplein 29)
Lecture: “Strategic Gendering: Developing a Category for Analysis”
Content lecture Sassen:
The talk will focus on strategic instantiations of gendering in critical components of globalization today, both economic and political. Actors and economic and political practices that are not fully formalized or institutionalized play important roles in these processes. One basic assumption in this paper is that in periods of change the formal apparatus for politics (electoral system, three branches of government) and for the economy accommodates less and less of the political and the economic.

20 April, 4-6 PM:
Dr. Clare Hemmings (The Gender Institute, London School of Economics)
Lecture: “Telling Feminist Stories: Making the Past, Reimagining the Present”

3 May, 4-6 PM:
Dr. Jasbir Puar (Women’s Studies and Geography, Rutgers University)
Lecture: “Abu Ghraib and Queer Liberalism”

18 May, 4-6 PM:
Prof. Joanna Regulska (Women’s Studies and Geography, Rutgers University)
Lecture: to be announced

June, 4-6 PM: (date to be announced)
Dr. Serena Sapegno (University of Rome, La Sapienza)
Lecture: to be announced

16 June, 4-6 PM:
Ursula Biemann (video artist on gender and globalisation, Zurich)
Lecture: “Videogeographies”
Content lecture Biemann:
Through a discussion of the video essays “Performing the Border”, “Remote Sensing” and “Europlex”, the lecture looks at the performative ways in which border spaces are constituted how discursive and material spaces relate to one another. I will examine the socio-economic, ideological and aesthetic entanglements between global economy and gender relations, violence and transgressive identities in the specific border regions between the US and Mexico and Spain and Morocco, as well as in the global geography of gendered migration and trafficking.

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