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Women's Studies Research Program 1999 - 2005

This is the third multi-annual research plan of the department of women's studies in the Arts faculty of Utrecht University. It follows on from and builds upon the two previous ones: the 1988-1992 programme, which was called "Women Between Movement and Autonomy" and the 1993-97 programme "Gender in Twentieth Century Cultural Systems: Bodies, Texts and Power". Both these programmes were successfully evaluated, the more recent one by an official commission of the Dutch Inter-University Organisation (VSNU) and both were rated very highly. Throughout the period of their implementation, the research staff at Utrecht has grown in both quantitative and qualitative terms.

It is consequently a great pleasure to be able to present the new research plans of this department, which over the years has proved very productive both in terms of scholarly publications and of the delivery of PhD-dissertations. It can therefore be considered as a very established and experienced group of gender researchers.

The research programme of the women's studies department in Utrecht is embedded in the Arts Faculty through its participation in the Institute for Research On History and Culture (OGC). This Institute groups all the cultural studies programmes in the faculty and functions as a co-ordination point and a clearing house for all major policy decisions on research. Since 1995 the women's studies programme has been a full-time member of this institute and very active in every aspect of its work.

Co-operation with the OGC has become intensified in the last year through the new research programme "Scenarios for the Humanities" which is a programmatic basis for new inter-disciplinary research in the faculty. Through the project "The Humanities and Emancipating Cultures", the gender researchers from the women's studies programme are playing a leading role in setting the agenda of the humanities in the next millennium.

Another important point of reference for the departmental research programme is the Netherlands' Research School of Women's Studies (NOV), to which all the researchers and PhD-students in women's studies in the Arts Faculty in Utrecht participate. Senior researchers and post-docs participate in the two research lines of the NOV, "Identity, Representation and Embodiment" and "Policy, Politics and Organisation", respectively. This is the national PhD-programme in women's and gender studies which is officially recognised by the Netherlands' Academy of Arts and Science and is situated at Utrecht university. The NOV gathers under the same umbrella the leading programme in gender studies in the country and it runs a highly successful international PhD-programme.

Last but not least the department of women's studies has played a leading role in designing and managing European and international research programmes in a variety of areas directly related to our main priority areas. Up-to-date, very academic-minded but also very committed to social relevance, the gender research programme of the women's studies department in Utrecht is proud both of its international orientation and its situated perspectives within the rich tradition of Dutch women's studies.

Prof.Dr. Rosi Braidotti
Chair / Director of Research

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