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Participation in Other Programmes and Applied Research

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The Scenario for the Humanities Research Programme tries to map the highly complex situation of the humanities. It does this by pointing out the various interconnections between the humanities, and society and the historical processes that underlie them. In doing so the programme intends to serve as a handle for future research and education policy, both with respect to fundamental research, and socio-cultural and political issues. Projects involved in this programme are:
  • "Gendering Cyberspace" (Mischa Peters),
  • "Questions of Corporality in the Age of Post-Humanism" (dr. r.c. hoogland),
  • "Gender and the New Scenarios for the Humanities" (Prof. Dr. Rosi Braidotti).
  • Applied Research


dr. christine delhaye
research concerning the implementation of the peking action platform into cultural affairs in vlaanderen (belgium) for the flemish ministry of brussels affairs and equal opportunities policy, 1999.
dr. berteke waaldijk
in co-operation with iiav - study of the presence within the collections of women's journals of historical material by and about black, migrant and exile women in the netherlands.
dr. berteke waaldijk
in co-operation with marie kamphuis stichting and anoushka boet - historical research for biographical and bibliographical information on the history of social work in the netherlands. result: website and articles for schools of social work.
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Literature and Cultural Artefacts

dr. rosemarie buikema
representation and policy making. the dutch government has felt the need to think about the power of representation as an instrument for social and cultural change. age, gender and ethnicity are increasingly thought of not so much as self-evident and inevitable aspects of the human condition, but as historical and social constructions. unexamined taken-for-grantedness helps to explain why ageism, sexism and racism is by no means always obvious to all affected by it. the analysis of representations of gender, ethnicity and age in public information and popular culture may help to encourage an awareness at this point both at the side of policy makers and citizens.
-handbook (in co-operation with dr. a. smelik (kun) en prof. m. meijer (um)
-professional articles
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Philosophy and Social Theories

prof. dr. rosi braidotti
feasibility study and first action plan, expertise centre for gender and ethnicity (gem), subsidised by the ministry of education, culture and science.
positions: 0,4 co-ordination.
prof. dr. rosi braidotti
two related reports commissioned by the swiss science council on the construction of women's studies curricula and research projects. a three-month consultancy was offered, which resulted in the drafting of a final report on policy making for gender education ( 1998-99) and a position paper on the swiss situation with regard to gender studies (spring 1999).
prof. dr. rosi braidotti
report to the directorate general xii of the commission of the european union on: " the contribution of gender research to the commission's projects on women in science". a six-month consultancy was offered, to prepare the position paper and also structure the list of participants to the official conference on women in science in brussels, july 1999.
maayke botman and nancy jouwe (1999-2000)
within the framework of gem (the expertise centre on gender, ethnicity and multi-culturality in education) and in collaboration with e-quality, maayke botman and nancy jouwe, editors, are preparing a handbook on the history of thought concerning gender and ethnicity in the netherlands. this handbook will be useful not only for professors and students in women's studies, but also for professionals working in the fields of policy making, in ministries and at the municipal levels.
dr. gloria wekker.
at the request of the minister of social affairs and employment, directorate for the co-ordination of emancipation affairs, gloria wekker and philomena essed (indra, univ. of amsterdam) wrote a policy outline for e-quality, the dutch expertise centre on gender and ethnicity, which was founded in 1998.
dr. kathy davis
participation in eu project (sept. 1998 - sept. 1999) ethics of enhancement technologies, together with prof. inez beaufort (eur) and others.
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