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Members of the Research Group

Rutvica Andrijasevic independent researcher
Sarah Bracke PhD-student April 1st , 1998 till April 1st, 2002 1,0
Rosi Braidotti professor tenure 0,4
Maayke Botman junior researcher April 1st, 1999 till April 1st, 2000 0,2
Rosemarie Buikema teacher/researcher
till January 1st, 2001
Esther Captain PhD-student January 1st 1999 till January 1st, 2000 0,1
Kathy Davis teacher/senior researcher tenure (detached
at the Faculty of Arts till 2001)
Christine Delhaye post-doc till May 4th, 2001 0,8
Annette Förster PhD-student July 1st, 1997 till November 1st, 1999 1,0
Cris van der Hoek PhD-student till November 1st, 1999 0,5
renée hoogland post-doc November 1st, 1999 till November 1st, 2002 0,5
Denise Jones independent researcher South Africa
Nancy Jouwe junior researcher May 1st, 1999 till May 1st, 2000 0,2
Joana Passos PhD-student till September 1st, 2002 1,0
Mischa Peters PhD-student November 1st, 1999 till November 1st, 2004 0,8
Sandra Ponzanesi PhD-student till May 1st, 1999 1,0
Christa Stevens grotius post-doc
Sarbani Thakur-Weigold independent researcher
Berteke Waaldijk teacher/researcher tenure 0,21
Gloria Wekker teacher/researcher tenure 0.18


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