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Summary of the Research Programme

Although there are connections between the projects involved in the programme at different thematical and methodological levels, the research of the representation of gender and ethnicity is organised along three main research lines.


The project within this line will critically assess the historical dimensions of the processes of in- and exclusion involved in representations of gender and ethnicity in several national and political contexts.

Literature and Cultural Artefacts

This line studies the power of representation in relation to the construction of subjectivity within the discourse of post-colo-nial literature and other cultural arte-facts. It covers both classical culture and media, and also new multimedia and experimental genres.

Philosophy and Social Theories

The aim of this researchline is to provide an informed and critical overview of different feminist theories in the area of gender and ethnicity, with special emphasis on issues of identity and subjectivity. It aims to deconstruct classical dualities like the ones between theory and practice, between representation and reality, and to develop new approaches to articulations of gender and ethnicity.

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