Compulsory reading:

R. Stone (1992). Would the real body please stand up? in: Michael Benedikt (ED). Cyberspace. First Steps, Massachusetts and London, MIT Press.

Guidelines for reading:

With reference to the "Glossary of key terms" provided at the end of the Buikema and Smelik volume Women's Studies and Culture, A Feminist Introduction, students should attempt to read this article with the following questions in mind:

1. How does the description of postmodernity as commodity-culture in this article relate to the definitions of postmodernism and more specifically to that of feminist postmodernism?

2. What exactly are the terms of the feminist debate around essentialism and the body? Can you name some of the authors, texts and arguments involved in this debate? How would you describe the intersection between issues involved in the essentialism debate and issues of technology and cyberspace ?

3. What is the 'virtual community'? Please analyze this notion historically.

4. What sense can you make of the issue of the imaginary ? How does the imaginary construct the subject ? Can you relate the subject to his/her libidinal economy ? What does any of this have to do with technology ?

5. How many connections can you find between gender, race and the body, identity and technology ?

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