NOISE is developing joint curricula which are taught in the form of a yearly international summer school. In this yearly Summer School, courses are offered on European Women's Studies from multicultural and interdisciplinary perspectives, taught in three clusters focusing on themes like Feminist Theory, Women's History, Feminist Literary Theory, Cultural Studies and State & (In)equality. 
Starting in 1994, the NOI
SE Summer School has been a successful yearly event, giving students and teachers the opportunity to exchange their knowledge in the field of Women's Studies in an international context.
1994: University of Bologna, Italy
1995: Odense University, Denmark
1996: Utrecht University, the Netherlands
1997: Universities of Dortmund and Bielefeld, Germany
1998: Universities of Abo/Turku, Finland
1999: Utrecht University, the Netherlands
2000: Pisa, Italy
2001: Madrid, Spain
2002: Utrecht University, the Netherlands
2003: University of Antwerp, Belgium
2004: Ljubljana Graduate School of Humanities ISH, Slovenia
2005: Linkoeping, Sweden
2006: Utrecht, the Netherlands
2007: Bologna, Italy