Dear People!

I am Nika Hashiguchi from Tokyo but live in Sweden. I work as translator in Swedish and Japanese especially in the car industrial businness world. My specialities are the Scandinavian language and the literature but also filmstudies. I am interested in cross-culture which is more  like kind of chemical experiment. You do not know what it will happen on you...! Now I am in Madrid with 50 interesting female students from whole Europe to work for women's study at University. It calls NOISE Summer School. If you are interested in this kind of questions I recommend you to get contact with them! It is very international course because people from the different parts of the world attend to this course because some Asians study in Europe and some Latin Americans study in Europe and USA, even though Euro-Eueropean study and work in the different parts of Europe and World. It is much exciting and real transculture.