welcome to my temporaly homepage!

I've made this one in Madrid
on a warm late september morning
after a short night
with an empty stomach
in a dark classroom with fluorescend light
and a cafe con leche on the side
- bodily experiences which I'll try to visualize on this page
my location

I will crawl like a cat
guiding you through whatever I think I want to communicate to you
that can be impressions of the Noise summerschool that I'm attending,
or pieces from my interests, background, homecountry, ...
pieces of my subjectivity
don't expect anything concrete compulsive holistic
smoking and drinking is allowed

cats add life
they sleep 16 hours a day (what I would like to do now)


sleepy grrlok, I start here - my time is already ticking away
I would like to start with a poem from a Flemish woman
that I've carried with me trough years of looking for myself
- not that I've found that, but I found lots of interesting people and things on the way which was propably the purpose after all. The poem explicity deals with finding your name

mijn moeder is mijn naam vergeten
mijn kind weet nog niet hoe ik heet
hoe kan ik mij geborgen weten?
noem mij, spreek mij aan
noem mij bij mijn diepste naam
noem mij, spreek mij aan
laat mijn naam zijn als een keten
noem mij, spreek mij aan
voor wie ik liefheb wil ik heten
have to go