Behind good and bad

"Antigona and Ismene"
Do they want to be sisters?

"the greatest glory for a woman is not to be discussed by men at all - whether they are criticising her or admiring her."

Ismene does not want to be noticed, or draw any sort of attention to herself. "A modest silence is a woman's crown"

Be of good cheer; thou livest; but my life hath long been given to death, that so I might serve the dead.

Antigona living in her grave since she was born.
She was born knowing she had no right to be alive.
She is Edipos daughter in Greece, she is an indigenous girl in Chiapas.

The deaths :
Antigone, Haemon, Eurydice. What has Creon learned?


"And he knows he's right, 'cos he ain't often wrong"

Diferent Places, same tragedi. Tirany has the power.