hi, it´s your first time for entering into my space,
and it´s my first time for encountering you here



it is your chance to discover me behind the screen ...

maybe at: eni_personal@yahoo.com
or at: 00-40-64-122012
or: take a plain, go up, go right, go left, go down and look for eniko

                                                       here you have a kind of official image of mine

... female ... 40 years old ... married ... two children ... in-between different places ... sometimes "white", sometimes ethnic minority, sometimes professor, sometimes woman ... never pleased ... kind of troubled with her body ...  sometimes east-european ... sometimes feminist ... sometimes anthropologists ...

 and here is my horoscope for the 10th of september 2001

"Be prepared for somebody to approach you with an offer today. It could be a new job opening or a freelance project on the side. A friend who knows about your abilities could recommend you for the position. You might be able to use your inside connections to land you the job. If you're interested in expanding your career success, this could be an excellent opportunity for you. So take time to consider your friend's suggestions. Before you send your resume, do some research!"

                                                                            you see ... i´m a GEMINI

and here it is what i would like to be ...



it´s time to go now, out of this spatial temporality

but you´ll find me (represented) here whenever you want
the official me, the me on the horoscope, the whale me, the me behind my addressess

all this was/is/will be here for you to construct your image about me - its your responsability

but remember, you have to enter into this space - take the power to do that

the rest is only a click, don´t hesitate to do it - take the risk

click on ME ... ANY-ME - put your desire