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Number of participants 
Maximum of  70 participants
After fulfilment of all requirements (preparation of assignments and reading, active participation and final essay of 10 - 15 pages), participants receive the 
NOISE Certificate from Utrecht University for 240 hours of work.
Tuition fees 
Tuition fee for the course is including reading materials. 
NOISE grants are available for a number of students from NOISE partner universities. 
NOISE organises inexpensive accommodation for all participants (not included in tuition fee). Participants have to make their own travel and visa arrangements. They also have to take care of proper medical, travel and damage insurance coverage.
The tuition fee for the Summer School will be E 450. 
For Belgium students there is the possibility to participate at a reduced fee.
What more do you need to know

* Working language will be English.
* Preparation: the participants are required to prepare the readings and the assignments sent to them in advance. 

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