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Chiel Kattenbelt is Associate Professor in Media Comparison and Intermediality at Utrecht University. He teaches in the BA program Theatre, Film and Television Studies, in the MA programs Theatre Studies and New Media and Digital Culture and in the Research MA program Media and Performance Studies. He is a member of the Board of Examiners within the Department of Media and Culture Studies and chairs both the program committee of the BA Theatre, Film and Television Studies and the admission committee of the MA Theatre Studies, Film and Television Studies and New Media and Digital Culture.


Between 2002 till 2006 he was also associate professor at the Theatre Academy Maastricht (Zuyd University), where he led an interdisciplinary research program on new theatricality with particular emphasis on the public sphere, language and technology. In 2004 he was the visiting professor for intermediality and media theory at the Department for Theatre, Film and Media Studies, Vienna University.


He is co-convener of the international research working group Intermediality in Theatre and Performance under auspices of the International Federation for Theatre Research. He is co-editor of E-view, an online journal on theatre, film, television and digital media, and Theater Topics, a series on performing arts published by Amsterdam University Press. In teaching as well as research, his fields of interest are theatre and media theory, media comparison and intermediality, and aesthetics and semiotics.






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