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Here you can find information on my activities in onomastics (including record linkage), and older references to speech technology and the singing voice (including teaching). The website presents a description of research and publications in these areas, and my personal pages. In the third level of the site, most text is in Dutch. Currently. I am co-operating with the Meertens Institute KNAW and the International Institute for Social History KNAW in Amsterdam.

Our article: Bloothooft, G. and Onland, D. (2016), 'Multiple first names in the Netherlands (1760-2014)', Names, 64:1, 3-18, DOI: 10.1080/00277738.2016.1118860 was awarded as the best article in Names in 2016!

Latest book:

Population reconstruction

Population Reconstruction
Editors: Bloothooft, G., Christen, P., Mandemakers, K., Schraagen, M. (Eds.),
2015, Springer, Switzerland, ISBN 978-3-319-19883-5

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Management and Organisation



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