Conferences and workshops convened by Martin van Bruinessen

Turkey: Secularism challenged”, international conference eorganised by ISIM and the Turkije Instituut, in co-operation with the Stichting Nederland-Turkije, Leiden, 10 October 2008.
* programme

"Studying Islam in Southeast Asia: State of the Art and New Approaches"
International workshop organized under the auspices of The Australia-Netherlands Research Collaboration (ANRC), in co-operation with the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (ISIM)
Convenors: Greg Fealy (ANU) and Martin van Bruinessen (ISIM / Utrecht)
Leiden, 7-8 July 2008.
* programme

International conference “Gestures – Religion qua Performance
organized on behalf of the NWO programme “The Future of the Religious Past”
in co-operation with ISIM and research school INTEGON
Utrecht, June 9-10, 2008
Convenors: Martin van Bruinessen (UU & ISIM), Anne-Marie Korte (UvT & UU)
* programme

Conference "Islamic Charitable NGOs: Between Patronage and Empowerment"
organized jointly by ISIM and HIVOS
Utrecht, 14 June 2007
* provisional programme

Workshop “Public Debates about Islam in Europe: Why and How 'Immigrants' became 'Muslims'
Seventh Mediterranean Social and Political Research Meeting,
European University Institute, Florence and Montecatini Terme,
22-26 March 2006. Convenors: Stefano Allievi and Martin van Bruinessen
* description of the workshop
* participants and titles of the papers

Workshop "Islam and the ideas and practices of modernity", 
in preparation of a handbook. Convened jointly with Muhammad Khalid Masud, Armando Salvatore and David Waines. 
ISIM, Leiden, 30 September - 1 October 2004.

Round table discussion on "Islamic resurgence and renewal in Southeast Asia",  convened by Remy Madinier, Mathias Diederich en Martin van Bruinessen,
EUROSEAS conferentie, Parijs, 2 September 2004.
* background and discussion themes
* participants 

Workshop "The Madrasa in Asia: Transnational Linkages and Real or Alleged Political Roles",
convened by Yoginder Sikand (ISIM) and Martin van Bruinessen (ISIM),
ISIM, Leiden, 24-25 May 2004.
* theme of the workshop
* program
* abstracts
* report of the workshop

Workshop "Milli Görüs in W. Europe, assessing past and present research",
convened by Martin van Bruinessen (ISIM) and Gerdien Jonker (Universität Marburg), 
ISIM, Leiden, 7 January 2004. 
* list of participants
* report of the workshop

International conference "Sufism and the 'modern' in Islam",
Convened by Azyumardi Azra (PPIM, Jakarta), Martin van Bruinessen (ISIM) and 
Julia Howell (Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia)
Bogor, September 4-6, 2003
* theme of the conference
* programme
* paper abstracts

Workshop "The Production of Islamic Knowledge in Western Europe", 
directed by Martin van Bruinessen (ISIM) and Stefano Allievi (University of Padova)
at the Fourth Mediterranean Social and Political Science Meeting,
Robert Schuman Centre, European University Institute, Florence, 19-23 March 2003
* theme of the workshop (discussion paper)


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